Seeking (((EKO)))® Echo-products )))

The Echo Club)))  is a collaboration between people with ecological and economic grounds.The approved products will be market in the PRV protectived name (((EKO)))® products.

Due to the large number of benefits that the club and the collective companies in (((EKO)))Group offers, "nobody wants to be outside"! 

But caring and honest is an absolute requirement, not to be ruled out!

In this way we can encourage honesty and pleasant cooperation!

Now we seeking organic/ ecological produkts for making marketing in west of Sweden. One representative for every town between Laholm and Skövde / together 50 towns / Special products with common interests and knowledge, that we will make information and education for in a pleasant way!

Representative/Copy/Franschaising to new areas in Scandinavia!

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Our Mission

Joy and Love is in the grounds! Through well-being, meaning in life and cooperation between caring honest people, business becomes fun and jointly creating peace!

Hope through the Eco Club in the long term, also build up political power to change!

If You are interested in start Ecco-Club in YOUR area please contact us, and we will help YOU with products and concept that works! )))


- Ekolinjen Entreprenad AB

51995 Tostared



312 92 Laholm

Mob/sms 0705 662200

- Bendix  AS: Sandnes Norge Värmland

PH Gtbg / Allan Johansson Sthlm

Information/ Education

Monday - Friday 

enligt ÖK



Evenings by Appointment

Group of town repreentants under work:


One (((EKO)))® representantive in every town and big disticts between Laholm och Skara west Sweden. To represent The echo products. registrated  (((EKO)))® . Please phone EkoKalle 0046 705 662200

CG Lindberg "EkoKalle)))

High-chool studded farmer and entrepreneur his whole life. ( CV here!) Now coach and helping people start their own bussiness, and founder of the echo communitys and "Eko clubs))) 

Pentti Kinnunen

Knowledge of way-and water teacher in Chalmers. Radio administrateur .. 

Working in Echo-group))) with selling and administrative routins and homepages / (which many now are under work, at the moment!)

Team under development!
Regulary/West Sweden area/ about 50 towns ...

under work .......

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